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Leo Said It Best, "To make each day count"

HOLY SHIT Y'ALL! This session was FUCKING AWESOME!!!! It was the simplest + most perfect thing ever, so read on + be sure to check out all the steamy pics!

This year has been a lot of trial + error. I've spent most of my days trying to find the balance of work + being a badass wife/mom/friend/sister/daughter...all the things. It's been a lot of wondering whether or not I am utilizing my time here on earth to the fullest extent too - weird, I know, but I have a point. And, maybe that seems like a lot of pressure too, but fuck, if this is all we've got, I want to live it up and I want others to live it up too. So, I am using photography, to show people living their best lives in hopes that I will spark a desire to live your best life too. Not just living for the weekend, but living for every minute of your day. I want people to live their lives the way they want to. And, I want people to look back at their lives and think, "man, I lived that shit up!" We have no idea, when we have to go, and now that I'm a mom, it's something I think of regularly. Almost morbidly really. I'm terrified of dying, because I really don't know what waits for us on the other side. And, I sure as hell can't imagine only spending this short life with the people I love the most, and not live fully. That's stupid, and I refuse to believe that. So, I hope + pray that my photography does more for people than just being pretty. I want to spark that desire to live life fully. And here's the best doesn't have to be this super extravagant living of life. It can be as simple as running to target and buying a slip n' slide for you and your dude to fuck around on after the kids have gone to bed. It's being mindful and fully invested in what you are doing, all the time. It's fully connecting with your dude after a stressful ass week. When mama + daddy are good, baby is good. And when everyone is good, everything else is good. So, Matt + I try to spend many a nights just sitting on the porch, talking, dreaming, listening to music, long after the kiddo goes to bed. It's our down time. It's the time each day when we feel like we are living it up. We're re-connecting. We're raw and in simplest form, spending time, just enjoying each other. It's not plastered all over facebook, we're not good all the time, we don't always have our shit together. Many days we're not good. But how easily can those bad days turn into a good day, just by choosing to not be a miserable fucking cow? How many days do you choose to plop down in front of the tv because you've just had a long day and don't feel like dealing with shit instead of connecting with your dude? Or you'd rather go to bed and turn your dude down than getting a little extra exercise session worked into your day? *wink wink* Get back to basics guys. Hang out in your backyard and enjoy your dudes company. I promise, you'll feel like you're living your best life! Or, tell me what bonding with your people look like. Maybe we can turn that into a photoshoot! :]

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