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Can I please be the new Carrie Bradshaw? Hold the Sex + The City?

Okay - probably not. But, I'd love to try. So, send me all your requests on what you want to see on the blog!

I've had a love hate relationship with blogging for years. I've heard how helpful it can be in your business and I've always kinda loved the idea of just typing away my thoughts into the unknown of the interweb. Just like Carrie, writing through her experiences. I love that! So, here I am...again restarting the blog.

The reason I'm starting my blog for the umpteenth time? Oh, because I'm quarantining and have all the time in the world. We had done so good dodging the rona, then boom, the worst possible fucking week and my husband pops positive!


Let's give you some of the backstory, shall we? I mean, if you wanna get technical, alllll the problems started 6 years ago when we moved back to San Antonio and had to really start becoming an "adult"! That's when shit just hit the fan and then hit the fan again and then hit the fan again. Haha! But in all seriousness, this adult shit is for the birds. But, nevermind that, you're here to hear about this week. This week specifically was a doozy. And after such an amazing weekend with my first weekend retreat I put on! Empowering women, having a blast, mentoring other photogs, capturing love, and just making my dreams come true! All that hype to just come back to my dog Reese pooping and vomiting everywhere. So to the vet she goes, because once again, she ate something she wasn't supposed to. She ate pieces of her toy rope. An expensive $2,500 overnight stay and just a whole lot of shitting she could have done at home later, we got to bring her back home. Yay! Good thing we just got a high credit limit credit card recently. Yeah, we can thank my husbands truck for shitting out on him back in December and needing a new transmission.

But anywho, you're here to hear about this week. Just when I thought we had things handled, I almost missed kinder roundup. I thought we would go to the school that is CLOSER to our house, but I was wrong. Luckily one of the moms in our neighborhood page posted and I just had a gut instinct to reach out. Luckily, we got to kinder round up a

nd it was a blast! But, not before my husband's brother called saying their mom wasn't doing well. See, Patti's been battling her second round of cancer and has been having shit after shit hit her fan too! It's been insane. So, she came up to San Antonio, from Del Rio, and Matthew was able to get her to all her appointments. Just in time before he started to feel really crummy. Next thing I knew, Matt was walking in the door with a mask on, saying, "Yeah, I'm sick!" OMG! One of my biggest anxieties is health anxiety. Mine and others. I always think worse case scenario. SO here I was in the middle of my husband saying he was sick, who had just spent the entire day with his immune suppressed mother, still keeping an eye on my dogs shit because now there is blood in it. Oh dear god, I'm not even going to ask what else! It felt like everything was just crashing down.

So, we immediately began to quarantine. Matt went to our room, Patti went to her room, and I just freaked out outside in the cold with Jo. Haha! My mom ran some covid tests into town for us and sure enough Matt got the vid! I tested negative so the decision was made for Jo and I to come out to my moms and quarantine while he stayed home and could move about the house. Patti went to stay with her sister until she returned home, and we've all been quarantining for 4 days now. :[

I've been PRAYINGGGGG everything starts and ends with Matt! I'm feeling hopeful now that we're on day 4! Everything I've read about this new variant, is it moves quickly, infecting within 2-3 days. Jo + I are still good, I think Patti is too, so I'm hoping things worked out in our favor! But, in the meantime, I have really had to figure out how to be good during this craziness. And I mean good mentally. One of the absolute BEST ways for me to stay mentally good, is to be SUPER PRESENT! Like not paying attention to anything else except what's right in front of me. So, Jo and I have been really slowing down and just hangin' out. It's been so freaking nice just to sit back and hang out with the kiddo. It's been kinda boring, but it's been nice too. I read something somewhere recently about the devil keeping you busy or something like that. I can't remember what it said, but I remember feeling like I needed to remember what's right in front of me. I spend so much time thinking about the future and preparing for the future, I blame school for that. All we were taught is how to prepare for the future and prepare for this and that, which okay, yeah, I like being prepared, but I also like to fucking live. I can't live in the present if all I'm doing is preparing for the future. HELLO ANXIETY!

So, I guess maybe this week didn't turn out as bad as it could have. I think Jo, Patti, and I may have been spared the vid, Reese is back home and seems to be doing much better, Matt is already on the mend, they found out some really good info on Patti so hopefully she will be doing better soon. We've all gotten to slow down, be present, and remember no matter how much you prepare for something you're still going to get knocked on your ass a time or two. So, cheers to a better week this week and here's to living in the present instead of in fear of the future.

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