Photo Credit: The beautiful Calle Fortun Photography

Hey babes!

Britt here. Owner + photographer at Brittany Hunkin Photography. So, I recently learned that your “About Me” page is the most visited page on your site. Can you believe that? I mean, it makes sense, but damn, I didn’t realize so many people cared about this sort of thing. So, for all of you that are stopping by to judge me, enjoy!


The name’s Brittany, but I also go by Britt, B, Babe, + Mom. I am wifey to the most handsome and badass dude I know, momma to the most amazing little girl that’s ever walked the planet, and boss babe at Brittany Hunkin Photography. I also take time to mentor other boss babes + photographers. I have three dogs...yup, three. Marley is a bundle of nerves, Reese is a loveable bulldozer, and Kali...well, she’s pretty. I’ve been told I have a very carefree attitude (well more like a fuck it attitude), but my husband would disagree. Some may call me "too much", but that's the way I like it. 


I began my photography journey on January 1st, 2014. I've spent all these years searching for what sets my soul on fire. I've photographed everything from weddings to babies, and I've learned that where my heart truly lies is with couples, families + boudoir. I have spent quite some time perfecting my craft, and finding ways to invoke real emotion and moments for my clients. I think the authenticity I bring to my sessions is really what sets me apart from others. It's a way to encourage people to be themselves and a way to capture images that are timeless and true.


It's not just about the images you receive at the end though. Each of my sessions are more than a photoshoot. They are a place for you to literally stop, put the phone down, play with the kids, chase the sun with your lover, feel the embrace of a hug, hear the giggles from your littles, enjoy your own company, and just be present in the moment. It's like meditation in photoshoot form. It's so good for the soul. I can't tell you how many of my clients leave and go grab dinner as a family afterwards, or tell me how "worked up" they got after cuddling their significant other, or how empowered they felt after a session with me. It's really such a magical thing I get to create with you. AND THEN... after it all, you wind up with the most amazing photos to remember those moments forever by.

And remember to always be you, and let the rest burn.