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The BHP Experience

I've spent 8 years searching for what sets my soul on fire. I've been a wedding photographer + a newborn photographer, but where my heart truly lies is being a couples, family, + boudoir photographer. I have spent years finding ways to invoke real emotion and moments for my clients. I think the authenticity I bring to my sessions is really what sets me apart from others. It's a way to encourage people to be themselves and a way to capture images that are timeless and true.


It's not just a photoshoot you get when you book with me. It's a place for you to stop, put the phone down, play with your kids, chase the sun with your lover, feel the embrace of a hug, hear the giggles of your littles, enjoy your own company and just be present in the moment. It's like meditation in photoshoot form. It's so good for the soul. AND THEN... after it all, you wind up with the most amazing photos to remember those moments forever by.

When it comes to photography, I take a very artistic approach. I am not a photographer, but an artist, that loves creating art. I take time to learn about you and your tribe, that way I can create the perfect experience. This means consultations are a must! Consultations are the most important part of the BHP experience. This is where we discuss all the creative ideas and how I can best serve YOU! We will discuss the visions for your session, the vibes, locations, ideas, outfits, and artwork, until we settle on a perfectly curated session.


Full collections (excluding minis) include detailed consultations, digital artwork, as well as printed artwork. Ready for the BHP Experience? Shoot me an email at